As an international applicant to Davidson, you might have questions about attending college in the United States. International Admission Ambassadors understand and want to help you get to know Davidson from wherever you are in the world.

Reach out to any of the ambassadors profiled below or one of the Senior Admission Fellows. We also offer virtual information sessions and one-on-one Zoom calls. The 20-minute Zoom calls are designed for international high school seniors and transfer students.

You are also welcome to send questions to for a student-oriented perspective on life at Davidson.

International Admission Ambassadors
Photo Biography
Headshot of Christine Ahn

Christine Ahn

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: South Korea

Major: Political Science and Educational Studies

Campus Involvements: Pan Asian Student Association (PASA), Davidson International Association (DIA), Self-Instructional Language Partner

#WhyDavidson: I wanted to go to a liberal arts college where I could explore different subjects and receive a holistic education. I come from a small high school so I liked the idea of being in smaller classrooms where I could form relationships with my classmates and professors.

Fun Fact: I had pet salamanders! I caught them, kept them for a month or two, and then let them back into the wild.

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Masala Mastee

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Headshot of Sahana Athreya

Sahana Athreya

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Majors: Psychology and Theater 

Campus Involvements: Vice President of the South Asian Student Association, Social Chair of Davidson Androgyny, Chorale, Chidsey Leadership Fellow, Social Justice Theatre Troupe, The Davidsonian.

#WhyDavidson: If you want to be a jack of all trades and a master of them all too, this is the place for you. Davidson is great at pushing you to reach your goals, no matter how multifaceted and disparate they might be. Limits don't exist here - there are endless opportunities and incredible people to guide you at every step of the way. 

Fun Fact: I can crochet while hula hooping!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Mango lassi from Masala Mastee

Read Sahana’s My Davidson post

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Headshot of Belle Ange Cyuzuzo Itetere

Belle Ange Cyuzuzo Itetere

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda

Major: Genomics

Extracurriculars: Club Soccer, Davidson African Students Association, Black Student Coalition, Campus Post Office, Davidson College Library, Black Femme, Girls In STEM. 

#WhyDavidson: When thinking about college, I knew I wanted a school that resembled my high school: small, out of the city, with a welcoming community. Although I didn’t know about Davidson until a week before the EDI deadline, I am so glad I decided on applying to Davidson last minute. I’ve enjoyed every single moment on campus from the loving people on and off campus, the committed professors, charismatic peers, and the environment that pushes me outside my comfort zone to become a better version of myself.

Fun Fact: I have played soccer since I was eight. I actually competed with my brother's league (and he's four years older than me).

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Davidson Ice House rice bowls

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Headshot of Charlie Kabelac

Charlie Kabelac

 Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Wiesbaden, Germany

Majors: Political Science and Philosophy

Campus Involvements: Varsity Field Hockey, Vice-President of the German Club, German Apprentice Teacher, Pre-Law Society, Global Editor for the Davidson Political Review.

#WhyDavidson: I was looking for a perfect combination of a Liberal Arts School and Division I athletics, which I found in Davidson. I wanted to attend a Liberal Arts school based on the freedom within your degree and the option to explore many different areas throughout your college education. When I found Davidson, I knew it was the perfect match. I love the advantage of a small school to have close relationships with your professors. Especially as an international student, this gave me the support and security I needed while studying abroad. Once I got here, the overwhelming care and love I received from the community definitely tied me down!

Fun Fact: I LOVE dogs (especially golden retrievers) and appreciate whenever the local dog-owners walk their dogs on campus, which luckily happens a lot!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Aliño’s Pizzeria! The owners are foreign too and they love international students!

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Headshot of Nikolaos Paramythiotis

Nikolaos Paramythiotis '24

Pronouns: he/his/him

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Major: Economics

Minor: Data science

Campus Involvements: Treasurer of the Greek Association, Greek tutor, Davidson Non-Profit Consulting Club, Club Soccer

#WhyDavidson: As an international student, it is important to be in an environment that feels like a home away from home, with people that genuinely care about each other's health and well-being. The main reason I left Greece was because I wanted to expose myself to something new, and Davidson has provided me the opportunity to gain experiences that I could not have dreamt of before leaving Greece.  I embrace being at Davidson as an incredible journey,  with every step of the way allowing me to become the person I want to be.

Fun Fact: I once charmed a raccoon and commanded it to climb on my legs. My excitement was gone when I saw it climbing back to the dumpster. 

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Steak rice bowl at Qdoba 

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Headshot of Tasos Pagounas

Tasos Pagounas

Pronouns: he/him

Hometown: Ioannina, Greece

Majors: Biology and Computer Science

Campus Involvements: Center for Career Development Student Ambassador, Davidson's International Association (DIA), Athletics Ticket Office Representative, Intramural Sports

#WhyDavidson: As an international student coming from a rural part of western Greece, I didn't know much about studying in the United States. Through the recommendation of an advisor, I found out about Davidson, a place I had only heard about through a video game because of Steph Curry. At Davidson, I found a warm and welcoming community, based on trust and mutual respect that instantly showed me how much it values diversity and multiple perspectives. I immediately felt like a valuable member of a well-organized and prospering academic environment. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet students and professors that helped me realize how I would fit in and develop here, both academically and personally. Lastly, as a liberal arts school, Davidson has allowed me to familiarize myself with different academic disciplines and interact with people from many different backgrounds. These are just some factors that save Davidson a special place in my heart!

Fun Fact: I have slept overnight in 5 different airports.

Favorite Bite to Eat in Davidson Area: Never order dessert at Brickhouse because we will be heading to Whit's right after instead.

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