The George L. Abernethy Endowment supports independent student research in the humanities or social sciences.

The George L. Abernethy Endowment supports independent student research and other experiential learning opportunities in the humanities, arts, or social sciences. Research can occur in the United States and/or abroad and during the academic year and/or the summer. Grant awards average about $2,000 but have ranged from as low as $250 to as high as $5900.

Students generally work with a mentor who serves as a touch point throughout their independent project. In agreement to serve as the mentor on the student’s project, faculty will submit a mentorship agreement plan that addresses the feasibility of the project and the nature of the collaboration between the mentor and the students. Faculty will submit a final review once the student has completed the project and receive a $500 stipend.

Deadlines: October 14, 2022 (winter break), January 20, 2023 (summer)

Faculty Mentor Agreement Deadline: Once an application has been submitted by a student, the students faculty mentor will receive an email with instructions on how to complete their faculty mentor agreement. Mentor agreements will be due within one week of the close of the grant cycle.

Please note that research projects requiring technology resources will need to request a consultation regarding technology needs with T&I. Please email the Technology & Innovation Support Center at or call 704-894-2900 to set up an appointment. DRI funds cannot be used to purchase technology.

Review Committee: Student Study and Research

Contact: Nicole L. Snyder (

Apply: Complete the online application. If you have questions or concerns please contact Julia Lisuzzo (