Summer 2020 Update

The college is currently assessing on-campus summer research and programming, and wants to let all summer research awardees know that there is a possibility we may need to modify or cancel summer research and programming, as the situation with COVID-19 progresses. Please check this page frequently for updates.

The George L. Abernethy Endowment supports independent student research in the humanities or social sciences.

Research can happen in either in the United States or abroad and cross-cultural study opportunities for students happen during the academic year or the summer. Grant awards average about $2,000.

In agreement to serve as the mentor on the student’s project, faculty will submit a plan that will specify the feasibility of the project, the intended collaboration efforts with the student and state the project’s outcome objectives. Faculty will submit a final review once the student has completed the project and receive a $500 stipend.

Deadlines: October 11, 2019 (winter break research), January 3, 2020 (summer research)

Faculty Letter Deadline: Once the common grant application has been submitted by a student, the faculty mentor will receive an email with instructions on how to upload their faculty letter. Absolute last day for submission is one week after application deadline.

Review Committee: Student Study and Research

Contact: Nicole L. Snyder (

Apply: A new application platform, Submittable, has been implemented for 2019-2020. To get started, please complete an application. If you have questions or concerns please contact Donella Mayes (