Hearing perspectives from students who are living and breathing the current Davidson experience is one of the best ways to get to know this community. We encourage you to send questions to admissionambassadors@davidson.edu for a student-oriented perspective on life at Davidson.

In addition, feel free to reach out to one of our Summer Admission Ambassadors profiled below.

Photo Short Bio
Summer Admission Ambassador Haley Jobe

Haley Jobe ’20

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Political Science with Philosophy Minor
Involvements: Union Board, Club Volleyball, Wesley Campus Ministry, Rusk Eating House
Fun Fact: For the past year, I have planned all of the Union Board programming for after midnight (12-2am). Some of these events included Legos and Eggos, S’mores and More with Davidson Outdoors, and Supers and Sabor!
Email Haley at hajobe@davidson.edu.

Summer Ambassador Quinn Massengill

Quinn Massengill ’19

Hometown: Hickory Flat, MS
Majors: Studio Art and English
Involvements: Writing Center Tutor, YouthMAP, Libertas Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Tour Guide, YANASH Co-Leader
Fun Fact: My favorite place at Davidson was my art studio in the Visual Arts Center.
Email Quinn at qumassengill@davidson.edu.



Summer Ambassador Elizabeth Millar

Elizabeth Millar ’19

Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Economics with Latin American Studies Minor
Involvements: Speaking Center Tutor, Resident Advisor, Spanish AT, Patterson Court Council Executive Board (Sustainability Chair), Connor Eating House, Ada Jenkins Health Clinic Spanish Interpreter, Club Swimming
Fun Fact: I LOVE Kindred’s milk bread!
Email Elizabeth at elmillar@davidson.edu.

Summer Ambassador Tana Muchenje

Tana Muchenje ’22

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Major: Undeclared, considering Biology
Involvements: HerCampus Davidson, African Students Association Secretary, Black Students Coalition, Ukirk
#WhyDavidson: I always wanted to attend school away from home to learn about new things. For me, Davidson was a really nice place to learn about and explore new cultures, and it has been a great sanctuary away from home.
Email Tana at tamuchenje@davidson.edu.

Summer Ambassador Drew Palermo

Drew Palermo ’22

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Undeclared, considering Psychology
Involvements: Club Soccer, Tour Guide, Warner Hall Eating House, Ambassador for the Fund for Davidson, Dance Marathon
Fun Fact: I’m currently serving as not only a Summer Ambassador, but also a July Experience Counselor!
Email Drew at drpalermo@davidson.edu.

Summer Ambassador Maggie Shehane

Maggie Shehane ’21

Hometown: Savannah, GA
Majors: History and French & Francophone Studies
Involvements: Tour Guide, Warner Hall Eating House Historian, 1972 Treasurer
Fun Fact: I’ll be spending Fall 2019 abroad in Tours with our Davidson in France program!
Email Maggie at mashehane@davidson.edu.

Summer Ambassador Phoebe Son Oh

Phoebe Son Oh ’22

Hometown: Hong Kong and Charlotte, NC
Major: Africana Studies
Involvements: Tour Guide, The Nuances A Capella Group, Connor Eating House
#WhyDavidson: I fell in love with Davidson after I completed July Experience in 2017,
Fun Fact: I have two passports – Panamanian and Australian!
Email Phoebe at phsonoh@davidson.edu.