Service Odyssey is a student-led, immersive community service experience.

Participants engage in a variety of service opportunities throughout the Davidson and the greater Charlotte area and learn about the range of social issues that impact these communities. In addition to participation in meaningful service, you will enjoy opportunities to critically reflect on your service work, explore local cultural attractions, and develop lasting relationships with your peers.

In order to remain fully immersed in the community you serve, you will live together with other Odyssey participants at a local church. All participants have safe and secure, but simple, living accommodations. 

The cost of Service Odyssey is $200 per student participant. Financial aid and travel stipends are available to all students who qualify for aid at Davidson. 

Service Odyssey 2019 Dates

  • Session I: Sunday, June 23 - Saturday, June 29
  • Session II: Sunday, July 7 - Saturday, July 13
  • Session III: Sunday, July 21 - Saturday, July 27
  • Sapere Aude Service Odyssey Program - This program is run through the Humanities program for students enrolled in the Humanities course. All information will come from the Humanities Fellows and faculty.


The Service Odyssey is open to all incoming first-year students at Davidson College, including transfers. Register now for the 2019 program.