Martin Court is a residential area for 390 students, mostly seniors, comprised of seven apartment buildings with a kitchen and living area with four or five single bedrooms per apartment.

This "transitional living" experience provides Davidson students the opportunity to live in a community similar to a local apartment complex while remaining a part of the college community. Built in phases in 1988, 1991, 1994 and 2011, the buildings were given letter names as they were built and were dedicated as a whole to D. Grier Martin Court in 1990 for D. Grier Martin, class of 1932 and Davidson College President from 1958 to 1968.


Armfield: Armfield has 18 five-person apartments and is built on 3 floors with an elevator and a laundry on the first floor. Built in 1994, Armfield was the sixth Martin Court apartment built and designated "F" until 2011 when it was renamed after a gift from the Armfield Foundation.

Martin Court B: MCB has 12 four-person apartments and is built on 3 floors. The second of the Martin Court buildings, it was built in 1988, and still retains the letter name given when first constructed.

Davis: The newest of the Martin Court apartments, Davis includes 15 four-person apartments. Built in 2011 on four floors with two elevators, it recognizes the support of J. Roy Davis, Jr., Class of 1955 and his wife Sue Jones Davis.

Flowe: Flowe has 12 four-person apartments on three floors with two elevators. Built in 1991, Flowe is named for William Winslow "Mr. Billy" Flowe, Class of 1895 and William W. Flowe, Jr. Class of 1929.

Hart: The first of the Martin Court buildings, Hart has 11 four-person apartments and is built on 3 floors. It was built in 1988 and is named for W. Lewis Hart, '30 and his wife, Kalista Hood Hart, the daughter of a Davidson professor.

Jamieson: The third of the Martin Court buildings built in 1988, Jamieson has 12 four-person apartments and is built on three floors. It is named for Ronald Jamieson, class of 1945.

Ryburn: Ryburn has 14 four-person apartments and is built on 4 floors with two elevators and a laundry on the bottom floor. It is named for Samuel Sharp Ryburn, Class of 1938.