Davidson offers a number of merit scholarships to those who have demonstrated extraordinary potential and ability to thrive in, and contribute to, our vigorous living and learning community. Here are some common merit scholarship questions and answers.

How many students receive merit-based scholarships each year?
Approximately 4-5% of each enrolling class will be offered a merit scholarship.

On what basis are they awarded?
Merit scholarship recipients have the skills that contribute to the vitality of the Davidson experience. They demonstrate outstanding intellectual and personal skills, give evidence of significant engagement in the community, or show talent in myriad areas—the arts, academics, athletics, leadership, and service.

How can I be considered for merit scholarships at Davidson?
Merit scholarships are offered primarily on the strength of your application for admission. Some are offered with the additional consideration of a demonstrated interest (Latin) or arts ability (theatre, visual art, music, creative writing). Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates are evaluated equally. Learn more about merit scholarships.

What is the award range of merit scholarships at Davidson?
Awards range from $500 to full cost of attendance.

Are merit scholarships at Davidson offered for all four years?
All merit scholarships are renewable for four years, provided grade point average, progress-toward-degree requirements, and any award-specific requirements are met.

What if I win an outside scholarship?
Your outside scholarship will be administered on the basis of the scholarship's specific requirements (i.e. used for specific costs or activities, or for specific years). If you are not receiving need-based aid, it will most likely be credited directly to your Davidson account. If you are receiving need-based aid, your award package will be adjusted to accommodate additional funds. Our Financial Aid FAQ has additional information.

I'd like to discuss merit scholarships. Whom should I contact?
Contact the Merit Programs Office in the Davidson Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 800-768-0380. We look forward to hearing from you.