Experience Davidson's values of community, responsibility and service while getting to know fellow students before starting classes.

There are two primary Odyssey pre-orientation programs: Outdoor Odyssey and Service Odyssey.

Financial aid is available to students who qualify. In addition, a travel stipend is available for sessions 1 and 2 of Outdoor Odyssey and all sessions of Service Odyssey.

Outdoor Odyssey

The Outdoor Odyssey is open to any first-year or transfer student, and uses outdoor activities such as rock climbing, paddling, backpacking, hiking, and rafting to challenge incoming students and build community before starting classes. Upper class trip leaders coach your group on basic skills as you work together to build relationships and share significant experiences. Participation is open to any skill level. A spectrum of trip experiences are available that present a range of physical and technical challenge.

Service Odyssey

The Service Odyssey is an immersive service experience that reflects and enriches Davidson's commitment to develop the spirit of service within each student. The program is designed to build relationships among participants, increase social awareness and challenge individuals to work constructively within a group.