All forms must be submitted by July 2 to the start of your assigned Odyssey Session. The Gear Request form is due no later than July 9.


Use this Outdoor Odyssey Checklist to ensure you've completed all the necessary steps and know what to expect. You do not need to turn in this form.

Medical Form

Please fill out this form completely and accurately. The more detail you provide on your medical history, the better we can plan and train staff to best support our crews.

Medical History Form (PDF)

Please note this form is specific to the Outdoor Odyssey program. You must also submit a separate medical history form to Student Health Center as part of the regular matriculation process for new students.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

Aspects of the Outdoor Odyssey may be physically, mentally or emotionally demanding and many activities have more inherent risk than do normal day-to-day activities. Please select the correct form for your assigned trip and complete it in full if you are willing to assume the necessary risks.

Assigned Trip Required Form
Sessions 1, 2, and 3 Short: Backpacking Backpacking and Challenge Course (PDF)
Sessions 1 and 2: Whitewater Paddling Whitewater and Challenge Course (PDF)
Sessions 1 and 2: Basecamp

Basecamp and Challenge Course (PDF)

Rafting Company Waiver (PDF) 

Session 3 Short: Basecamp

Basecamp and Challenge Course (PDF)

Rafting Company Waiver (PDF)

Session 3 Long: Extended Edition Backpacking, Whitewater and Challenge Course (PDF)
Participants under 18 at the time of their Odyssey trip are required to complete the Blue Heron Waiver. Blue Heron Waiver (PDF)

Participant Information Packet

This packet contains critical information for you and your family. Please be sure to read the information thoroughly and contact us at or 704-894-2522 with any questions.