We pick up and drop off at:

  • Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
  • Concord Regional Airport
  • Charlotte Greyhound Bus Station (at 601 W Trade Street)
  • Kannapolis Amtrak Station
  • Charlotte Amtrak Station

Please do not schedule your transportation (flights, trains, buses, etc.) from Charlotte before 2 p.m. on the final day of your Odyssey trip.

Available Shuttle Dates


Arriving to Davidson

Leaving from Davidson

Session 1

July 22 and July 23

July 27

Session 2

August 2 and August 3

August 7

Session 3 Short

August 13 and August 14

Shuttle available on an as-needed basis

Session 3 Long

August 13 and August 14

No shuttle. Please notify us of your August 21, 2019 overnight arrangements.

Note: If you need to come before or stay after the available shuttle dates, or come into a different airport or bus/train terminal, you are responsible for your own transportation. 

Important Travel Notices for Session 3

If you are attending Session 3 Long

Please make arrangements for overnight accommodations on August 21, 2019. Your residence hall room will not be available for you until the first day of Orientation August 22, 2019.

If you are attending Session 3 Short

If you are attending Session 3 Short and you are participating in other pre-orientation experiences, such as STRIDE or International programs, then you will likely be able to move into your fall dorm room on August 18 when we return from Outdoor Odyssey. Please check with the coordinators of your other pre-orientation events to confirm.

If you are attending Session 3 Short and you are not participating in another pre-orientation event, you will need to find other accommodations for August 18-21, 2019 leading up to Orientation.

Local Accommodations

The Carnegie Guest House on campus holds limited spaces for Odyssey participants—we recommend you book early. Please mention in your original contact that you are an Odyssey participant. Rooms at the Carnegie Guest House are not available to family members or guests of Odyssey participants.

The Guest House supports the Odyssey program and will match participants with roommates divided by gender to help share the cost of the room. Each participant will pay a special rate of $50 to stay the night before Odyssey begins. This fee includes tax and breakfast. Please contact the Guest House for questions and reservations.

The Town of Davidson and surrounding communities also offer several accommodation options. Please note many hotels have a minimum age requirement to stay overnight alone. If you must use area lodging, Davidson Outdoors will provide a free local shuttle within five miles of campus.