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Sample Schedule

Every Odyssey trip is unique, but this gives you an idea of the itinerary based on past years' activities.

First Day of the Session

8:30 a.m.
Check-in opens at the Alvarez College Union

10:30 a.m.
Welcome to Odyssey Gathering

11:30 a.m. to Evening
Lunch, packing, games and challenge course activities in your assigned crews

Dinner and Camping at Davidson's Lake Campus

During the Trip



You will wake up early to help prepare breakfast and complete camp tasks. After breakfast, you'll pack up camp and get on the trail to your next destination. Playing trail games and having conversation along the way will help you get to know your crew.


Your crew will often take breaks for lunch, snack, water or to just take in the views along the trail. When you arrive to camp you and your crew will be involved in setting up camp for the evening as a team.


You'll help with evening camp tasks, which may include anything from cooking dinner, setting up the tarp or starting a fire. Spare time could be spent playing games or just hanging out with your crew. Each evening your trip leaders will lead you in a debrief of the day to help you reflect on all you've learned. 



You'll wake up early to make the most of the day. Breakfast and camp tasks come first. After breakfast you'll depart the campground for that day's excursion which could be rock climbing, rafting, flatwater canoeing, hiking, Stand-up Paddleboarding or other fun outdoor activities. 


After an excursion, you might visit the local ice cream shop, go for a swim in a near by creek or river, play cards in the campground, hang out with your new Davidson friends at camp or take a walk in the town near the campground. 


You'll help with evening camp tasks such as cooking dinner, maybe starting a fire and cleaning up the living spaces. Each evening your trip leaders will lead you in a debrief of the day to help you reflect on all you've learned. 

Whitewater Paddling


You'll be up early to help break down camp, cook breakfast and get the boats ready to move down the river to your next destination. After breakfast, you'll depart the last night's camp to travel down river, improving your paddling ability and getting to know your crew. 


After lunch on the river, you'll encounter progressively more challenging rapids that you and your crew will take on as a team. There may also be opportunities for swimming and riverside hang outs. 


You'll help with evening camp tasks, such as setting up tents, cooking dinner as a team, organizing the paddling gear and more. You might play games, star gaze or just hang out with your crew. Each evening your trip leaders will lead you in a debrief of the day to help you reflect on all you've learned. 

Extended Edition

This trip types includes two days of whitewater paddling and three days of backpacking described above, in addition to a day of service. The service day can take a variety of forms depending on the needs of our community partners. We are excited we are able to give back to the community we enjoy. Past service days have included picking up litter along a trail, helping with landscaping or other tasks at a local non-profit, working with children in the outdoors and more. 

Last Night of the Session

Travel back to Davidson's Lake Campus, set up camp, take showers and eat dinner with faculty and staff of Davidson, then, get a good night's rest before the last day.

Last Day of the Session

Your group eats breakfast out (you'll pay for your meal), then return to Davidson Outdoors to clean and put away gear. Spend the last few hours debriefing your experience with your new friends. Enjoy an Odyssey-wide closing ceremony before returning home or beginning orientation.